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Lyrics for 'out of nowhere' by eleventwelfth

along with its consequences

All has turned to dust.
Deserted, left to rust.
This barren landscape was a stead to sealed my faults along with its consequences.
Beneath this empty isle,  I dug my failures out to find a new place to hide and bury my entire plight along with its consequences.
Nowhere to go.

deeper into the depth

The ocean’s rising tide has cast our raft aside.
With seaways open wide, we sail across in spite of all the risk we’ve realized.
The currents gently lead us astray to a greater distance.
With the bluest stream elapse, we flow in inconsistence.
How it all comes crashing down.
The waves start to surround and when it hits, we’ll sink into the lowest tier.
Then we’ll all drown, we’ll drift away.
Far gone, drenched in pain.
But as long as we can get our head above water, we may last.
Though it’s easier to said, we’re just getting deeper into the depth.


You’re flying up so high.
You’re floating over the cloud.
You’re hovering in an endless gust.
Don’t lapse.
You’ve lost your poise and now you’re falling.

still a part of your home

Are all the sparks within our lives flickering in a constant doubt?
We’ve discussed this way too much.
We’re a time bomb in disguise, well prepared to explode.
Do you feel warmer? Don’t you lie.
You raise the temperature, aren’t you now?
Cause we’re heating up inside.
Our calescent hearts are might be the whys and wherefores.
We burn the candle and let it engulfed in flames.
We melt the wax and the fire slowly fades away.
As we stare blankly through the darkness, will you stay?

The fluorescent light shines brighter in the night when it follows you home.
The incandescent lamp glows dimly every time you decide that you’ll roam.
You’ll wander through the stars that’ll guide you safe and sound to wherever you’ll go.
I’ll wait with my desire for your return and wish that I’m still a part of your home.

When we converse this by and by.
If we combust, will we survive? Will our angers reignite?
Set ablaze to our own mind, while we settle the score.
All of the sparks within our lives are flickering in a constant doubt.

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