Lirik Write The Future - Fit In

Lyrics for 'Fit In' by Write The Future

Do you think yourself so right?
You're talking outside your boundary
You locked up the door, you lost the key

Tell me about perfection
You're version have caught my attention
Playing cheap bet for regret

You're words are deadweight
I hang onto for too long

I don't need to be fences you admire
At your house full of desire
'Cause i'm different
I won't let my life cave in to the depth of your skin
Drowning all over again

So what's the point of growing up then
If you can't choose how will the story ends
So just please storytell me to sleep
It's all i ever need
I pushed my feet against the concrete
I've been to places i never been before
I place myself where i see i can fit in

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