Lirik Kekal - Rotten in the House

Lyrics for 'Rotten in the House' by Kekal

religious jaw preying upon hungry souls
emitting false hope through inverted doctrines
disempowerment of human conscience and moral
leading into collective spiritual suicide
dogmatic chaos - opiate of the masses
sacralization of violence - totalitarian dominance
feed the mind with self-righteous pathology
rotten in the house of god
witness christendom transforms into racists
done away with historical dark-skinned jesus
in exchange with their tall blue-eyed white version
based on lies, to stereotype an image of 'a good man'
witness christendom shapeshifts into fascists
throwing the vile of bigotry towards the outsiders
their version of grace is the destruction of others
their version of truth is ultimate deception
time to wake up from this inglorious stance
for godly love is stronger than religious sociopathy
question everything, resist indoctrination
challenge authority, hold them accountable

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