Lirik Lights Out - Stuttered Words

Lyrics for 'Stuttered Words' by Lights Out

Don't point the blame, when you can't find nothing.
Look into yourself, and you might finding something.
Here I am, just a speckle of dust in this gigantic world.
I found myself by forgetting.

Rise before you fall.
It's never too late to turn it back around.
Don't bury your demons deep beneath the ground.
Rise before you fall.
When all things feels like dragging and putting you down.
Life turn into an upside down, we will overcome!

Behind the tears, inside the lies.
Searching the meaning of life in this confusing world.
It's almost like I've been stargazing, but the sky is right here above me.
I'm so alone, blurrs of smell, sight, and sound.

I saw myself standing on thin ice.

I'm facing my fears inside of me.
Living each day that I ever give in.
My mind lost in the way.
But can't you see me, won't take my step back.

I never said that this life could be easy.
I always try to be better for my fuckin' self.
Is there a right way for being strong.
Feels like I'm doing thing all wrong.

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