Lirik Truthless - Last Home

Lyrics for 'Last Home' by Truthless

no one reason can explain
all the worst inside of me
an mistake i can't pretend
leaving sadness to the rain

(for heaven help me out
Escape form dying time
and find my happy ending)
there's so many voices in my head, please leave me alone
for this shattered memories that i've got, for the reason i cry
this is not be a sin, please comeback home

the last of sirens is empty, help me god
it's tragic, how can i stand in this fuckin circle
too much damage i didn't realize in this life and i will fall
there's no more else i can take it, this life like a storm

(for heaven, help me out
escape from dying time
bless me and let me shout
three words or hundred lies
replace my shattered heart
in endless cries i saw
i hope its happy ending)

where's the last of vanity
there's no hope to face my agony
too late a honour has been gone

and a silence come, i'm singing with this absence
this place turn to ashes
and i can through it all
for my last home

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