Lirik Samsara - Ease Your Mind

Lyrics for 'Ease Your Mind' by Samsara

I thought that this could be the only way
Too much hope seems never last
I know, you've met your saviour
Now its my moment to stay clear.
Telling her friends unpleasant things
Make sure its happiness they hears.

She knows just what they want,
I cant give you that.
Its so easy to see
When youre so in love.
Then forget all the days
We've been through
I never meant to alluded you,
To any harm.

We have come, to understand.
That all of this be better end.
Somethings we tried wont working right.
Couldn't wait a thousands years go by.
Changing our ways wont helps us much.
This better be our parting days.
Ways we have paved on different ways.
This will have to ease your mind.

The sun you are.
Hides from the moon,
To fear the lust is such a beauty scenes.
So many ways,
I could've tried.
Forgiveness to become the doubtfull one.

Cause it feels...
(When its gone)

The worst to be...
(The only one)

That couldn't change to...

Seems to me, everything has it's course, feel the love changing us.

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