Lirik Coraline - I Can't See Stars

Lyrics for 'I Can't See Stars' by Coraline

The series of breath stung passionate obsession.
Behind the phenomenon summarized story floated like tone harmonies from the moon.
Slowly I heard these lyrics dance invite my instincts.

Loud is not always cruel,
and Ink will always carve.
I knew they say "this is fuckin the world".

REFF: I can't see stars,
Beautiful sparkling star on the sky,
Stars are shining bright at night.
I never could to hold dream in my hand.

But never suspected,
Cries the soul tone,
Tone created a string,
Until they say "you were the star! you were the star!".

Melody created from the soul.
Ambition wrap words.

For their.
For you.
Up to confine light overcast.

That sounds like a song,
There was a time, stomping,
There are times, when playing emotion.

A desire for millions time, a matter of pride to keep working.
Your support is our breath, shouts to you our strength.
Undying spirit, who never lost dreams,

Ambition continues to smolder,
Burn this motherfucker world.

Your never know, I lied , and I begged , I swore I would change..
What do your expect of me!? fuck..

Like the shadow on these very walls..
You'll never know the true unity..
you'll never know the truth!!

Flat is not always bored,
Endless saturation,
Patience reached the point perfectly.
Frames to the song and the words centered in rhythm.

Colorful spilled ink on canvas.
Imagination flying here.
Until where expectations run.
Until which continue to open up the road.

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