Lirik Serigala Malam - Breaking Bad

Lyrics for 'Breaking Bad' by Serigala Malam

They set us up (THEY SET US UP), empty promises
They broke us down, threat us like an animal
Try drawn you deep (THEY DRAWN YOU DEEP), in misery
They lock you up, realized we all fucked up

Yoo I've been there tho (I'VE BEEN THERE TOO)
I know you feel (I KNOW YOU FEEL)
Pressed and depressed, but man should show no regrets
Its consequences, for what we've done
Time to set up / , don't waste your precious hard times

I tell you, to do everything!
(STAY ALIVE), Do't let them seized it!
I tell you, to do everything!
(BREAKING IT BAD), show them how we will survive!

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