Lirik Tiger Donuts - Foolest Wound

Lyrics for 'Foolest Wound' by Tiger Donuts

So i'm lying on my deathbed
all the dream's about your existence
inversely, propotional when i wake up
hold your hands is only ashes of sleep
leave me with your red lips smile
The black gown speaks of ignorance
how long time again you let me rot in the corner?
while you're dancing on the floor
i turned into a ghost

vent an anger cause a little thing
plant your bomb, cause i won't defuse it

You're good to making me miserable
patience's never wasted
but will you always be like this?
mad of speck of error, like we're fighting in hell
you dare to throw it all away
wish i could find your sign take all your promises
i'm sick of this chapter, of the foolest thing ever

When i'm holding my mouth to ask you the reason why
it's keep on running,i hate it when you blame me
with the pillow in my chest
i'm suffering to watch million unread texts
i don't know why the hell your whim to silence me
disconnect your jaw as i play faster beat
but you beat me
an expert bite with no trace

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