Lirik Bam Mastro - Hilang

Lyrics for 'Hilang' by Bam Mastro

i haven't slept for days
might as well never sleep
if sleep is the cousin of death
half of my life's been wasted

all around me are the lovers
turning their heads at madness
the moonlight is less interesting
than the singular self

the dark is an empty space
it wraps its arms around me
neither of us understands why
we ere even here

nothing kills like loneliness
it's more than a man can bear
but when the lovers stared at me
all they see is freedom

in the balzing midday of the mourning
i watch the world fall apart
there's nothing better to do
than just look and sit still

to all the things that ever mattered
you couldn't have ever been better
no light, no love, no laughter
nothing to remember

hari ini kau pergi, sayang
hari ini kau menghilang
tiada senyum, tiada pesan
padaku, yang kau tinggalkan

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