Lirik ARAMAIK - Regret

Lyrics for 'Regret' by ARAMAIK

Destroy the mortal creature of the world.
They are arrogant and strong.
Blind eyes, blinded liver.
Dark and very dark inside.
Heart and soul pervert will power. Get the promise of the liar.
Satan laughed happily.
Human accompanied him in hell. Setup is all free.

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Now is the time of vengeance. Reciprocated as sick.
Destroyed .. as destroyed.
Regret is useless.
No cry sounds.2x
The fire enveloped the body, drenched in pus.
The stench of hell sting.
Cry silently.
Sorry for the deeds in the world.
The day of vengeance arrived and the time was silent. 2x

(back 1).

Not helped so that the body breaks. Shouts did not make a sound.
Silent regret, crying hollow lamenting fate.
God's wrath is ready to destroy his creation.2×

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