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Lyrics for 'Mess' by Timekeep

To the twilight I ask
Cry your departure from my life ...
why happy is just a moment ..
Like rain that continues to pepper the earth ...
Like a drizzle that always hugs in the morning ..
I'm here stunned in silence ..

Reff :
To the twilight I complain ..
How sad my heart is
You disappear like a swallow earth ..
Just a small cut into the heart..
You step in my brain soft ...
That you can not leave me ...

To the twilight I complained
This longing pierced my deepest
Like a big wave hit my chest
Until I can't breathe because of pressure
a very strong sense of longing ...

world! why the faith so cruel ?

You made story bout her but you're here asleep in the silence of the night ..
struggle and disappoint of this statement
Now I just resigned in silence
My mind has frozen with time

all of this one come and go
far away never getting back bring that a piece of moment

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