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Lyrics for 'Lost' by Nevertheless


Oh darling are you sleepless?
Can you believe in me, i will keep you in my desperated
Let me stabbing my self, take away your selfishness and my mind has been ravage by the war


So forgive me about my mistake, and just to know i wish you so well
my throat relief, i bite my tongues
I swear this isn't in the end, i can't even catch my breath, this world we used to view as broken, seperated as the broken dream

Pre verse

Unconsiousness, your head laying in my fuckin chest
My cold hand holding on to you
Don't be worthless, just let me know
Just look the emptiness
I don't believe you death


I feel like i'am don't have anything left
Or maybe drowning in my pathetic sad
Can there be any hope for my chance, remember a distant memory, my entire life just resented to you

Verse 3

And you marely go away
Things can be said "farawell"
We are not born in hate, i say " i love you " please don't go away
Sometimes i feel nothing, but i believe this time you in here
You just sit there next to me

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