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Lyrics for 'Echo' by Raze


Let us shout it out loud

i got these feeling of insecurities obscurities

being on the ground with all maggots, unseen humanity

and all ive seen even within, everything depravities

They are all racing to reach nonsense vanity

Our blood has spilled by this human made disaster

Seems like the end of time is coming so much faster

can we expect the world is going to get better

While these bloodsuckers are trying to get higher

Let us shout it out loud

Let us shout it out loud

We are screaming out for the voices of the voiceless

We are raising hope for our brothers who are hopeless

We are keep fighting on our way for the helpless

Yet these opressors are still laughing on their madness

These hypocrites always keeping us quite

They call us threat they call us fake but we dont give a shit

Yes we are threat upon these greedy motherfuckers

Yes we are fake cause we are breaking out their systems

We are never giving up till the end of line

Together we will rise

At the end of us let our ashes arouse

We will never back down

Dear God, please end all this bloodshed

Dear God, please end all this bloodshed

Dear God, please end all this bloodshed

Dear God, please end all this bloodshed

These so called leaders are just sitting on their own chair

Those who have power are just debating something unclear

While we are dying on their eyes yet they dont care

Fuck you all just put an end to this bloodshed

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