Lirik Raze - Falldown

Lyrics for 'Falldown' by Raze

The eye looks but it hearts that feels

Eye looks but it hearts that feels

Through all these madness and destructions

We’re trying to live

Upon those bullets and those missiles

We’re trying to live

Under the raging fire the fallen skies

Trying to live

How many souls do you need for greed to fulfill?

How can you shut our mouth and close your eyes

Again and again?

While devastations are keep going on

Again and again

Why cant your heart feel this

Again and again

How much blood do you need for greed to fulfill?


From this essence of life


High above so below



Walau jiwa dan raga trus terkoyak

Tanpa henti


Sang keparat bertopeng malaikat


Terhormat bangsat

Api ini takkan henti bergejolak

Tanpa lelah


Hingga jantung tak lagi berdetak

We are all fall down

Everything’s shall gone

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