Lirik You Go Away I'm Here - Working Class Hero

Lyrics for 'Working Class Hero' by You Go Away I'm Here

The downfall of an old empire 've almost been 20 years
But up to now, what've we earned?
All is going the same wif fearful in these tears
‘n diz land of promise means nothing to get up
When the Capitalist were coming in!
Make a native (Copper) tries to give up!

What the fuck 'em tended,
all of shit wants “gold” heritage,
no cares 'bout how the way they could take
Megaphone is useless,
make money instead of they talk in fake
The world is so damn, there are people illuminated without
How few of payment's worker can kills 'em by unseen shoot
“Bad Mouth, Bad Egg, Basket Case!”
Are a myth made by controlled media (sold)?

Oh, 1st May is a “doomsday” for The Greater who take-over bid
But it's being May Day for much o' Hoper who always gets sad instead
La La Land has been breakin' up,
The Rest of The Alantis is damaged/fucked up!
Who's havin' to get responsibility?
Can Alien brings it back? AIN'T NO AT ALL!

Shit, We don't give a damn at your offer
from shitty plan dat ya shot in our faces
Kinda you're a big one, we gotta slave to
and all the benefits is yours! but we stand fast
We're never lost in settled but it means nothing
to get away for rising the proof.
We ain't gotta shoulder a burden,
but we have any of family to defend then prove

" There are more demo action around! Kinda expression dat comes outta the unsatisfied worker in a union for damn of Enterprise, 'cause they (Worker) is only get under payment standard, they all can't get reachin' employee benefit! "

When everything goes wrong, go fight!
Marsinah will carries on; believin' inside
Remember! We'd been ‘round extraordinary vicious
Mark this! We're never ever let it back and forth!

“A Little Hitler” was already gone,
who's next to replace?
What the fuck he/she comes up is, we'll fire this cold feet!
Modern Plan[t] has proved to us, as diorama of the shit
Cataclysm we always made for disturbing the peace
and fucked up a story of fish

In wonderful place we were born and killed
But we won't let our motherland dominated by Sanders
Who coercing Native betrays the home

This’s most important for us all

Killed by the right drives us bein' a controlled Artist
The left just makes us stuck in machine & signed in work list

Keep spirit for our dearest one
Keep believin' for our better future
There's no helper to trust
We are the hero for ourselves

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