Lirik Chakra - Isyana Sarasvati

Lyrics for 'Isyana Sarasvati' by Chakra

Why u so beautiful
But i can't reach u, yea yea yea yea
Your voice is calm
Like a candlelight at night, woo.. oo..

Everyday i spend time
listening yo your beautiful song
So this is the time
I'm telling you why

Mengapa kamu selalu cantik
Tatapan matamu buatku tertarik
Jangan sampai ada yang buatmu terluka
Aku ini siapa tapi biarkanlah

Ooo.. Isyana Sarasvati
Kau cantik bak seorang putri
Yang menghiasi singgasana hati

Ooo.. Isyana Sarasvati
Jangan kau lupa bangun pagi
Karna sore nanti
Kau ditunggu pelangi
Mengindahkan hari

If i had the chance to meet you
Never let you go tak mampu
Hope one day we can bertemu
Dipenghujung waktu
Tak mampu diriku
Kan tersipu malu

Yea girl 2

Chocolate flowers and ice cream
Is too mainstream for you
So i made this song for you

I wanna be the one
Who make you happy
As long as i can be

Repeat [1][2][3]

Woo.. oo.. oo.. oo..

Isyana Isyana
Don't you worry bout a thing
I'll be there for you 2x

Isyana Isyana
Don't you worry bout a thing
I'll be there for you 2x

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