Lirik Orestes - The Pledge

Lyrics for 'The Pledge' by Orestes

Why would you kneel to those greedy pigs?
Why should be pretentious?
When you never embrace, we reign of this blood and flesh

Don't liquefy the ice in the north and kill the candle in the east
You should be the one who is censurable of what you sow

Don't liquefy the ice in the north and kill the candle in the east
For each hollow shell you've lived
For what measured a man

Restricting change is absolute ignorance
Scolding growth is another way of shallowness

Public scamming is structured wickedness
Homogenizing tastes inherited dumbness

Though your steps are falter and heavy
Utilize your instruments with no doubt
Play the sonic of honor and righteousness through continents

Like legends once said
To accomplish what we stand for
To stain our tones of life
To toast until our very last breath
For this is our creed, our oath that we keep until the end

We will write the resistance words
We promise the opposition
For our creed
For the oath
The epiphany
The elegy

Burying weary and tears in depth
Rebuilding ruins through devotion and glory
Numbing our wounds to hell and back
Striving forward to eternity

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