Lirik Resurrect - Feelin Blue

Lyrics for 'Feelin Blue' by Resurrect

when i open the eyes
i looked around
it's dark and tense
where was i be?
i remember your last
message tell me to survive
and stay alive
where are you?

i could not live in solitude
and loneliness
where only
hear the echo of my own mind,
disconnected from all over the world
and immersed and obsessions
and memories i searchced slowly
i could face alone
it's sore but i sure that i could to find you

believe me it was so sick i feel
so sick what i feel

this gonna be the end

you tell me to survive
but, you even sacrificed yourself
this is so irony
when i think this gonna be a clear
so, don't ever worry about me

i could not live alone (i can hear what you say)
memory began to disappear (please stay awake)
and i don't know where i stan (you always in my heart)
i'm feeling blue and alone (but you can save my live)

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