Using Mastering Presets in Ozone 5 Ozone’s presets th

Getting Started
Using Mastering Presets in Ozone 5
Ozone’s presets are designed to give you a quick
Every mix is different so no preset can perfectly master your project. However we have attempted to provide a wide range of presets that will help you find a good starting point for mastering your own material. By starting with a preset and using the Amount controls in Ozone’s interface, you’ll be able to tweak these presets to make them more closely fit the session you’re working on.
We recommend you download the Ozone Mastering Guide to learn the basic principles of mastering with Ozone. Presets can take you a long way, but learning how each of Ozone’s mastering modules works is key to getting the best results. You won’t regret it–your masters will sound better than ever before!
Setting Your Input Level
Setting the input level in Ozone can make a huge difference in how the dynamics modules in Ozone behave. Setting your input level is important when selecting presets as the presets will sound drastically different if your input level is too loud or quiet.
As a starting point try setting Ozone’s input level so that the input meter is peaking in the yellow area of the meter. It is OK if the input meter occasionally goes into the red when Ozone’s Loudness Maximizer is enabled, it will keep the audio from clipping.
Choosing a Starting Point
Start by listening through several of Ozone’s presets. You can start with a Genre-Based Mastering Preset or simply use the General Purpose Mastering presets. Because every mix is different, we’ve aimed to give you a lot of starting points so that you can choose the best one for your project. When you’ve found one that sounds like it has what your mix needs, you can start tweaking that preset to your liking.
Module Amount Controls
By starting with a preset you can subtly adjust the Amount Controls to help you get your mix closer to the way you want it to sound.
The Amount sliders are located at the bottom of Ozone’s interface. You can adjust them to control how much each of Ozone’s mastering modules affects your mix as well as how the module behaves. For example, turning down the Equalizer Amount slider can flatten out the EQ curve making the EQ’s effect less dramatic. Increasing the Maximizer Amount control will boost the overall level of your mix. There is also a Global Amount slider below the input and output level controls that allows you to quickly adjust how much Ozone’s modules process your mix overall.
Ozone 5 Help Documentation
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