What is Ozone? A Complete Mastering System

What is Ozone?
A Complete Mastering System

Ozone is all you need to completely master your audio. Ozone 5 combines eight essential mastering processors into one complete system, letting you give your mixes a finished, full and professional sound.
Ozone’s critically acclaimed IRC™ (Intelligent Release Control) Loudness Maximizer gives you commercial volume and fullness without distorting or coloring your mix. Two independent eight-band Paragraphic EQs combine linear phase precision with the warmth and character of analog equalizers and even let you intelligently match your mix to reference tracks. Innovative multiband Dynamics, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Imaging tools add depth and polish to your projects and because these modules are integrated in a single powerful interface, Ozone maintains the highest quality processing throughout the entire signal chain while also making the mastering process more efficient and intuitive than ever before.
What’s New?
Ozone 5 adds many quality and workflow improvements to every Ozone module, including new DSP algorithms and a wealth of visual tools to help you track and monitor changes made throughout the mastering process. Ozone Advanced includes additional processing tools in each module, a configurable Meter Bridge that can display relevant meter information in a separate, full screen window, and individual plug-ins for each of Ozone’s modules.
When you see a in the following documentation, this denotes a feature that is exclusive to Ozone 5 Advanced.
Key Features in Ozone
• Complete mastering system available in a single plug-in
• Includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, two Paragraphic EQs, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging, Harmonic Exciter, Dithering, and Reverb
• Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
• Elegant, highly efficient user interface
• Extensive metering and visual analysis tools help you get better results
• Comprehensive preset system with over 100 professionally designed presets
• Module presets for mixing and matching settings between modules
• Integrated undo history with comparison tools
• User-definable signal routing
• Extensive automation support
• CPU-efficient and optimized for today’s low-latency DAW environments
Ozone 5 Help Documentation
• Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz
Highest Audio Quality
Ozone uses highly optimized audio signal processing to achieve the highest resolution and sound quality possible. All of the mastering modules in Ozone are specifically designed to work together. By carefully matching crossovers and other internal processing, Ozone eliminates phase and artifact problems encountered when chaining together separate plug-ins. In addition, the sound quality and characteristics of each of the mastering modules is tuned to complement the others, providing consistent and high quality results.
Ozone uses analog modeling to give each of the mastering modules a smooth natural sound. For example, the equalizer recreates the soft limiting exhibited by a vintage valve equalizer, while the harmonic exciter mimics the musically pleasing harmonic saturation of a vacuum tube component.
Whenever there was a choice of CPU vs. sound quality, we chose sound quality. There are easier (less CPU intensive) ways of doing some of the processing that Ozone does, but the sound quality can suffer. Since Ozone is meant to be used for mastering, you would typically only have one instance of Ozone running on the main bus of a session, or in a 2 track editor, which should allow you to utilize Ozone even on lower powered CPUs.
Powerful Audio and Visual Feedback
We wanted to provide visual feedback wherever possible. Your ears and your eyes can be a powerful combination when you're mastering, and each processing module is complemented with useful spectrums, phase meters, and level histograms. Each module also has switchable views that highlight different aspects of how your mix is affected throughout mastering.
We also wanted to make it easy to get audio feedback by providing extensive solo/bypass controls and histories with functions for A/B comparisons. The Alt-click function on the EQ is an example of this as well. Wherever possible, we wanted to give you new ways to really hear what you are doing.
Intuitive Design and Easy to Use
We tried to make Ozone as easy and intuitive as possible from including a complete set of mastering modules in a single plug-in system, to context sensitive help, to the little things like mouse wheel support. There is a lot of power in Ozone, but we think that in no time at all you'll be making the most of it and getting great results with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re simply ready to take your productions to the next level, Ozone is the complete solution you need. Your mix isn’t finished until you put it through Ozone.
This help file is a quick reference for basic Ozone functions and controls. We have written a separate Ozone Mastering Guide that provides tips and techniques for mastering with Ozone.
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