Few evidence to prove you are a Kinesthetic Learner


Here’s the situation. Some students think they can learn effectively by just absorbing info as it hits them in the face, a kind of a “learning-by-osmosis”.

But that’s totally false. Learning doesn’t work like that. You can’t learn calculus like you catch a cold. You have to do more than just be in the same room as people learning calculus.

As a part of this learning experience, a really helpful thing to consider is whether or not you’re highly kinesthetic. Dr. Richard Felder has demonstrated that everyone takes information in through movement; we’re all kinesthetic learners to a certain extent. But there are some signs that you might be a highly kinesthetic learner.

If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure that you’re processing information with movement. It will go much better for you.

Few evidence to prove you are a  Kinesthetic Learner

  1. Your knee is bouncing constantly — in fact, it is doing so right now.
  2. You regularly kick a soccer ball, or toss a baseball, or spin a basketball on your finger while having a conversation.
  3. You have ever grossed out your own family by cracking your knuckles too much.
  4. You talk with your hands… always.
  5. You pace when you really need to cram for a test.
  6. You mime things to boost your memory (or maybe you’re just a mime — and that’s really unique).
  7. You have gotten in trouble more than twice for tapping your pencil on your desk or clicking your pen… in the same class period.
  8. You think best when you’re exercising.
  9. You remember your notes best when you’ve written them down with your hand rather than typing them out.
  10. You touch everything you pass in a store without thinking about it. Seriously. Everything. Why? Because you’re a kinesthetic learner..

The more highly kinesthetic a learner you are, the more important it is that you move while you learn. This doesn’t mean do ballet in Chemistry lab. Just plain ol’ note-taking often does the trick.

Are you a kinesthetic learner? If so, we’d love to hear your tips in the comment box


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